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Turn In The Road Driving Lesson

The turn in the road exercise tends to be the easiest of the 4 reversing manoeuvres that you have to learn and usually the first that you will practise during a course of Driving Lessons. Older drivers will know this as the 3 point turn, but nowadays this is a little misleading, as more than 3 moves are allowed and may be needed to turn a car to face the other way. The three elements to a successful turn in the road are control, observations and accuracy.

Control – Fast steering straight to full lock and the ability to creep the car (a slow walking speed). A slow car gives you time to take effective observations.

Observations – 360° all round checks before moving and looking in the direction the car is moving into. You will also need to make good decisions on what you see.

Accuracy – If the control and the observations are good the accuracy also tends to be good.

Turn in the road driving lesson
On lessons or test you will be asked to pull up on the left in a safe place and then you’ll be asked to turn the car around using forward and reverse gears to face the opposite direction, try not to touch the kerbs.

1. After pulling up in position 1, use the POM routine making sure the road and pavements are clear then slowly move forward steering swiftly to the right to full lock. As you approach halfway check that the road and pavements are remaining clear, then turn your attention to the kerb that is visible to the front/right of the car. When the bumper is about 1 metre from the kerb steer in the opposite direction trying to get the wheels pointing straight and stop the car before touching the kerb and apply the parking brake.

2. From position 2 select reverse gear and use POM, then looking in the direction you’re moving to, release the hand brake and slowly reverse and steer swiftly to the left. As you approach halfway across the road turn your attention to the kerb over your right shoulder, then when closing in on the kerb turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction (right) to point the wheels straight then stop before touching the kerb and apply the parking brake.

3. At position 3 select 1st gear and again use the POM routine, if safe drive forward steering briskly to the right full lock, when you’re satisfied you won’t clip the kerb use the MSM routine and pull up on the left in position 4.

If any vehicles or pedestrians approach the car stop, it may mean making them stop. If they stop and wait you should continue but don’t rush it, the examiner will not make allowances for you if you rush the manoeuvre in an unsafe manner because other road users are waiting. When close to the kerbs in position 2 and 3 give the waiting vehicles chance to pass, if they don’t move continue the manoeuvre and if you maintain good observations throughout you’ll notice if they move around you. If a car was to mount the kerb or do anything else, remember its not your issue.
Follow the points on this page and it will give you a safe method to use in lessons, will tick all the boxes for the driving test and will give you a safe method to carry out this manoeuvre once passed.

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