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First Driving Lesson

At 1way Driving School we pride ourselves on you driving on your first lesson and as soon as possible on that lesson. On this page is some information you will need to know to get you in the drivers seat.

Cockpit Drill – D.S.S.S.M
Doors – Make sure all doors (including the boot) are securely shut. A look in the wing mirrors will show if a door is slightly open. Most new cars have a warning on the dash if doors are not closed properly.

Seat, Seatbelt and Steering

Cockpit Drill Seat

Base – The base should be set so the foot controls can be operated without stretching or your legs or feeling cramped, comfortable but functional. The height should be adjusted so the eyes look out of the windscreen about half way up.
Rake – Should be adjusted so when you hold the steering wheel in the ten to two or quarter to three position, there’s a slight bend at the elbow. Straight arms can cause injury in an accident.
Head Restraint – Its purpose is to keep the neck and spine supported in case of an accident. Eyes and ears half way up/down or as near as can be set.

The interior mirror should be set so you can see as much of the rear windscreen as possible. The wing mirrors should be set so a small fraction shows the side of the car, the rest shows the road.

Cockpit Drill Interior Mirror
Interior Mirror
Cockpit Drill Left Mirror
Left Wing Mirror
Cockpit Drill Right Mirror
Right Wing Mirror

The Pedals

Car pedals

Accelerator – Controls the rate of fuel into the engine. Also called the Gas Pedal.
Brake – Slows the car, is powered by a hydraulic system.
Both the Accelerator and and brake pedal are operated by the right foot, smooth light pressing is needed. Don’t be too heavy footed.
Clutch – Disengages the engine from the transmission to enable gear changes and lets the engine turn while the wheels are stationary. Is operated by the left foot.

By learning the information contained in this page will mean your first driving lesson will be mostly you driving and not be your Instructor having to teach them and should get you in the drivers seat faster.

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