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Driving Test – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of questions that as a Driving Instructor I have been frequently asked. If you have a question that is not covered here use the contact box on the homepage.

How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need Before I Can Take A Test?
There isn’t a mandatory minimum amount of driving lessons that need to be taken before you can arrange a test.

Do I Need To Pass The Theory Before Booking The Practical Test?
Yes, you then have two years to pass the practical part of the test. If the two years expire the theory part has to be done again. Keep the theory test pass certificate safe has it gives you a unique number needed to book the practical test.

What Do I Need To Take With Me On The Day Of The Test?
You no longer need both parts of the licence (paper counterpart is now obsolete) just the photocard, the test will not be allowed to go ahead without this and no other forms of ID will be accepted. If you have the old style paper licence you’ll need to bring a valid passport for photo identification.

How Long Does The Test Last?
The test will last around 40 minutes, a few minutes to do the eyesight check and the show me tell me questions and then a minute or so for the examiner to set themselves up in the car and give an explanation of the test. The actual driving time should be around 35 minutes.

How Many Manoeuvres Will I Do?
One, it can be turn in the road, reverse parking (Parallel or Parking Bay) or Left or Right Reverse.

Will I Do An Emergency Stop And Does It Count As A Manoeuvre?
After the 4th may 1999 on average an emergency stop will be carried out every 1 in 3 tests. This was done to give the examiner flexibility should there be adverse weather conditions or if the opportunity to carry out a controlled stop safely doesn’t arise in the test. The controlled stop is not a manoeuvre so one of the reversing exercises will also be done.

What Is Independent Driving?
The independent driving part of the test will last approximately 10 minutes and will involve you following a series of verbal directions, directions given with the aid of a diagram, following road signs to a given destination or a combination of signs and directions.

Will I Fail If I Take A Wrong Turn During Independent Driving?
As long as the junction or turn is done correctly you won’t be given a fault for a wrong turn.

If I Stall Is It An Instant Fail? No, as long as you don’t panic and can get the car moving again with the minimum of fuss you will not fail for stalling, you will incur a driver fault though.

How Many Faults Are You Allowed On The Test?
15 driver faults (commonly known as minor faults) with no serious or dangerous faults. Repetitive driver faults in a certain category can also be recorded as a serious fault.

Can I have my Driving Instructor present during the test?
Yes, however strict guidelines have to be followed. Rules for observing driving tests.

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