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Becoming a Driving Instructor

We’ve all watched the TV advertisements with smiley driving instructors, shining new cars, and the promise of making 30 grand a year whilst having the flexibility to work the hours you want to.
All you require is a driving licence and to do their expensive course and the world is your oyster, but is it really that simple?

  • You will need have held a full driving licence for a minimum of four years.
  • Be capable of reading a car registration plate from a distance of 27.5 metres.
  • It is better if your licence is free of any penalty points, although some allowances might be allowed. Anyone with serious criminal convictions cannot be accepted.
  • You will need to pass a difficult and time consuming set of three tests. This is made up of theory, driving and ability to instruct.
  • You will need your name to be entered on the Register of A.D.I’s.

After ticking the boxes of the criteria listed above, you can then be a D.S.A Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). You need to then pay your registration fee (£400), and then you’ll be given your ‘green badge’. This is required to be on display when giving lessons for reward.
The registration lasts for four years. You may renew the registration on payment of a fee, although your own continuing health together with ability to give instruction is regulated by the D.S.A.
In the event that requirements are not satisfied, you might be taken off the register.
There is always going to be people that both want to and need to, learn to drive, therefore there should always be a demand for A.D.I’s to instruct these people.
Being a Driving Instructor can be a truly rewarding and interesting profession and given that almost all driving instructors are self employed, you will find a greater level of freedom and flexibility compared to many other occupations.
To survive A.D.I’s also have to work:

  • Long and unsocial working hours (evenings and weekends)
  • Problems associated with being Self employed (Tax, National Insurance and business running costs)
  • No Holiday pay
  • No sick leave

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